The Eros Cycle / Love is a Gypsy Child (working titles) is an anthology feature film consisting of five segments – The Girls Were Doing Nothing, Strings Attached, Mensch, Pick Up and All That Jazz. The five parts are stand-alone short films, each 15-35 minutes long, which were conceived as a single story, sharing the same underlining themes and style. As it’s title suggests, the feature explores the subjects of love, relationships and sex. All five segments are written and directed by Dekel Berenson.

Production of the Girls Were Doing Nothing  – commenced in May 2016 with principle photography wrapping in July. It is due to hit the festival circuit in winter 2017.

The Girls Were Doing Nothing is represented by Radiator Sales and festival distributed by Aug&ohr medien.

Production of parts II and III commenced in January 2017, with Strings Attached shooting in November and Mensch in January.